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If you don’t fully understand how a building truly performs or reacts under fire conditions and the variables that can influence its stability and degradation, movement of fire and products of combustion and the resource requirements for fire suppression in terms of staffing, apparatus and required fire flows, then you will be functioning and operating in a reactionary manner.

This places higher risk to your personnel and lessens the likelihood for effective, efficient and safe operations. You’re just not doing your job effectively and you’re at RISK. These risks can equate into insurmountable operational challenges and could lead to adverse incident outcomes. Someone could get hurt, someone could die, it’s that simple, it’s that obvious.

The axiom of Building Knowledge = Firefighter Safety (2008) continues to form the basis for effective operations, for it’s the knowledge of the building and it’s anatomy that defines the level of operational safety and incident success share by all personnel and operating companies at the incident. Without understanding the building-occupancy relationships and integrating; construction, occupancies, fire dynamics and fire behavior, risk, analysis, the art and science of firefighting, safety conscious work environment concepts and effective and well-informed incident command management, company level supervision and task level competencies…You are derelict and negligent and “not “everyone may be going home”. Our current generation of buildings, construction and occupancies are not as predictable as past conventional construction; risk assessment, strategies and tactics must change to address these new rules of structural fire engagement.

There is a need to gain the building construction knowledge and insights and to change and adjust operating profiles in order to safe guard companies, personnel and team compositions. It’s all about understanding the building-occupancy relationships and the art and science of firefighting, integrating effective incident and command decison-making, dynamic risk assessment and management, coupled with streaming situational awareness and measured firefighting; Building Knowledge = Firefighter Safety, its all about going home after that call.

The traditional attitudes and beliefs of equating aggressive firefighting operations in all occupancy types coupled with the correlating, established and pragmatic operational strategies and tactics must be adjusted and modified to include intelligent risk assessment, calculated risk analysis, safety and survivability profiling, and strategic operational and tactical value. The demands and requirements of modern firefighting will continue to require the placement of personnel within situations and buildings that carry risk, uncertainty and inherent danger. As a result, risk management must become fluid and integrated with intelligent tactical deployments and operations recognizing the risk problematically and not fatalistically, resulting in safety conscious strategies and tactics. We need to think about the Predicative Strategic Process, refined Tactical Deployment Models integrating intelligent Structural Anatomy, and Predictive Occupancy Profiling, Effectively Reading the Building and Tactical Patience.

Buildingsonfire.com coupled with it’s companion sites CommandSafety.com and TheCompanyofficer.com will continue to provide prominent and timely information to support the continuing traditions and missions of the Fire and Emergency Services.

Christopher J. Naum, SFPE



A 38-year fire service veteran and a highly regarded national instructor, author, lecturer and fire officer, he is a distinguished authority on building construction issues affecting the fire and emergency services and has traveled throughout the United States and internationally delivering training programs on building construction, command management and operational safety.

He is the Chief of Training for the Command Institute in D.C, and is the immediate past Second Vice President with the International Society of Fire Service Instructors and a past member of the Board of Directors, IAFC Safety, Health & Survival Section. A Contributing Editor with Firehouse Magazine and Firehouse.com where he authors the Buildings on Fire column and the Buildingsonfire blog series, he served as an adjunct Instructor with the National Fire Academy and is a NFFF/EGH Firefighter Safety Advocate.

A former architect and fire protection engineer he was the 1987 ISFSI George D. Post National Fire Instructor of the Year and is a Consultant and technical reviewer to the NIOSH Firefighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program and Firefighter LODD Reports.

He is actively involved in researching and developing emerging and cutting edge strategic and tactical operational methodologies, concepts and practices based on emerging fire research to improved fire ground operations and firefighter safety and is active in numerous national fire service agenda programs, committees and initiatives that will define the fire and emergency services in training and operations in the years ahead. Chief Naum is the Executive Producer of the informational portal www.buildingsonfire.com dedicated to building construction, command risk management and firefighter safety.

 He continues to present his popular the anatomy of building construction training series throughout the United States and is the Executive Producer of the informational portal Buildingsonfire.com dedicated to building construction and firefighter safety.  Buildingsonfire informational insights are also now being posted on Facebook . He is authoring a new text book integrating building construction, risk management and firefighter safety and provides insightful firefighter safety commentary on his CommandSafety website at http://commandsafety.com/ and thru two Twitter accounts at Commandsafety and Buildingsonfire .

He is also the Executive Producer along with Chief Douglas Cline of Thecompanyofficer.com  dedicated to Company Officer Leadership, Development, Training can be found at TheCompanyOfficer.com.

Contact: Christopher.naum@gmail.com

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