Arson Fire with Deliberate Actions Against Firefighters

An arson fire in a vacant home in North Las Vegas (NV) was intention set and devised in a manner to harm firefighters according to Authorities.

Upon arrival of fire companies, the second floor was fully involved with heavy smoke showing from outside the building.

North Las Vegas Firefighters and Las Vegas Fire and Rescue worked together to control the flames in the vacant two story home.

It took seven units and approximately 27 firefighters to contain the fire.

There was no extension of the fire to surrounding homes, it was contained in 15 minutes.

There aren’t specific details released on why authorities believe this fire was set to harm firefighters, but the fire official discussing the incident clearly expressed his concerns of what confronted operating companies at this alarm.

Residential Structure Built in 1997

The two story residential structure was of Type V, wood frame construction, built in 1997 consisting of 1,998 Square feet of space with three (3) beadrooms, seven total rooms and an attached garage.

It’s especially important for companies and company officers to remain highly vigilant upon entering and conducting interior operations for any signs or indications that conditions may not be as characteristic and expected for fires in similar occupancies or under prevailing conditions.

We plan to develop and prepare some safety awareness insights for operations in a few days. We’ll also continue to monitor information that may be forthcoming with further details as to what may have been encountered by firefighters.


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