Standpipe Systems and Operational Insights

The Fire Deparment Connection

There are some discussions emanating and emerging regarding the Medical Center Fire in Asheville, NC that claimed the life of a highly regarded Captain and injured numerous firefighters. Emerging reports are discussing water supply, standpipe operability and integrity and deployment delays affecting fire behavior, growth, intensive and operational risks during the time in which water was attempting to be delivered to hand lines extended on the fire floor of the Medical Center.

See coverage HERE on and HERE at the Asheville today. Direct link HERE

The following links have been compiled that provide a variety of insights and perspectives on operations conducted with standpipe systems.

Two 1.5-inch attack lines off a gated wye (poor standpipe valve positioning - the second line probably would kink when charged). Technically, a 2.5-inch to 2.5-inch gated wye with reducers is better if a high-volume (2.5-inch) line is suddenly needed. Copyright © 2011 Massey Enterprises, Inc.

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