The New Fire Ground and the First-Due

The most recent production of Taking it the Streets was on-line live this past Wednesday August 17th where another special program continued our series discussion on the Emerging Tactical Renaissance in the Fire Service.

Taking it to the StreetsTM, radio program hosted by highly regarded national instructor, author, lecturer and fire officer Christopher Naum, continues to provide provocative insights and dynamic discussions with leading national fire service leaders and guests on important issues affecting the American Fire Service with applications internationally within the tradition and brotherhood of the Fire Service.

The recent edition of Taking it to the StreetsTM program  looked at the New Fire Ground and the First-Due

Joining the program were two special guests: Division Chief Ed Hadfield (CA) and Deputy Chief Jason Hoevelmann (MO) who provided a great opportunity to listen to perspectives from coast to coast and the heartland.

The program was an insightful look and discussion of the New Fire Ground and the issues affecting the First-Due Officer and Command…

If you missed the live program, here at the downloads and links for your eMedia devices and smartphones. Don’t forget to listen in live monthly or be sure to check in and download the lastest production. Stay tuned for exciting news as we progress into the Fall of 2011 and what we have in store for you coming in 2012…it’ll set the new standard.

Taking it to the Streets- Part 2- The New Fire Ground and the First-Due



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Both Division Chief Ed Hadfield (CA) and Deputy Chief Jason Hoevelmann (MO) are speakers at the Gateway Midwest Fire & Leadership Training Conference brought to you by Go Forward Training and coming to the St. Charles/St.Louis, Missouri metro area on October 21-23. 2011. I also have the honor of lecturing and presenting two programs, one of which one will be co-presented with my good friend and colleague Lt. John Shafer. (The HERE)

  • Conference Direct Link HERE.
  • Go Forward Training HERE

Incorporating and facilitating the latest training delivery concepts and methodologies and integrating current and emerging technology, social media platforms, eMedia and internet based content management material in order to provide unparalleled fire service curricula, training and education, The Command Institute, and Fire will be integrating content across a number of platforms to provide you with supportive information and training that will ultimately integrate with the direct training deliveries at the conference.

This segment of Taking it to the Streets on is the first step in achieving that goal and process. Look for more integrated materials, exercises and eMedia on, and

Grab a cup of coffee and sit down for a special one hour program with Taking it to the Streets on where we’ll be discussing developing concepts, methodologies and operational perspectives affecting today’s emerging and evolving fire ground and the new considerations for the First-Due with Christopher Naum and fire service leaders, Division Chief Ed Hadfield and Deputy Chief Jason Hoevelmann.

Join in on the live open discussion with other fire service personnel from around the country.

Taking it to the StreetsTM is a monthly radio show featured on BlogTalk Radio and is hosted by nationally renowned fire service leader Christopher Naum, a 36-year fire service veteran and highly regarded national instructor, author, lecturer and fire officer and the distinguished leading national authority on building construction and fire ground operations. Taking it to the StreetsTM is a Series and Production, © 2011 All Rights Reserved

Check out the latest downloads of recent programs in the archives by visiting Taking it to the Street’s webpage on or for program insights at

  • Tune in to the Program Wednesday evening August 17th at 9:00 pm ET, HERE
  • HERE
  • Taking it to the Streets Radio Programs, HERE and HERE
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