Training Download: Are you Combat Ready?

Are You Combat Ready?

There comes a time; when a single call or the associated demands of a shift or tour that is defined by frequent and repetitive call demands that define you as a firefighter, company officer or commander.

Be combat ready for engagement each and every call; be prepared and ready to implement with those attributes that define you, your company and your department; when it may be needed the most. Implement an adaptive fireground management process, maintaining a balance for tactical patience and the need for defined and educated aggressive actions (smart firefighting).

Are you combat ready for engagement? Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Technically?

We posted an article a few days ago titled: Reported Structure Fire with Trapped Occupants: Are YOU Combat Ready?

Here’s a Training Download and Briefing document with material from that post as well as interactive group questions for discussion around the kitchen table. HERE

Are You Combat Ready Training PDF

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