Chicago Attic Fire: Firefighter Maydays, Four Injured

Eric Clark for the Chicago Tribune / August 25, 2011

Four Chicago firefighters have been injured while battling a fire in the city’s West Englewood neighborhood Thursday night according to news media outlets. The fire was located within a 1-1/2 story wood frame residential occupancy in which fire suppression operations were underway.

Fire companies operating within the attic area with attack lines operating, experienced rapidly degrading conditions in which published reports indicated the “room lit up” suggesting a possible flashover condition. It was reported that vertical ventilation had been completed on the gable style roof and that coordinated company operations were well established both on the number one floor, within the attic and on exterior support operations.

Research indicates the house was built in 1905 and has 990 square feet of space. Constructed of balloon wood framing, the 1-1/2 story single family residential occupancy is typical of this vintage style housing.

Division Alpha Street Side (Google Maps)

Aerial of House and Exposures (Google Maps)

We’ll post further insights later this morning. A series of links and videos are attached;

  • Chicago Tribune, HERE
  • Chicago Tribune Photo Gallery, HERE

Construction Insights for Typcial Gabled Roof Attics with enclosed knee wall voids (typcal examples)


Typical Enclosed Attic Voids and Kneewalls





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